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Organism Controls

Discover our expanding array of verified microorganisms tailored for microbiome studies, quality assurance processes, infectious disease investigations, and more. Montfort Labs proudly presents a wide variety of completely inactivated and quantified whole organism controls, perfectly suited for use in Biosafety Level 1 (BSL-1) laboratories.

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Lab Supplies

Montfort Laboratories offers a curated assortment of supplies for all labs — from whole quantitated genomic controls to deep well plates. Developed in-house with care, we offer the products you want and the solutions you need to deliver exceptional results.

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Extraction Innovations

Our innovative extraction solution reduces prep time by 25%, improving patient care, while minimizing risk and enabling more independent laboratory operations. Our advancements in extraction technologies reduce human error and increase lab profitability, empowering labs of all sizes to deliver exceptional service.

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Montfort Labs QuantChemUA™ technology offers a QUANTITATIVE and highly comprehensive automated Urinalysis panel that is more sensitive, accurate, specific and efficient than traditional QUALITATIVE “dipstick” methods.

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Pre-Plated PCR Reagents

Our Pre-Plated PCR products are the most efficient, effective, waste reducing and profitable way to offer molecular PCR testing. You choose what to test, and Montfort Labs pre-fills your plate with all organisms, primers, probes and master mixes, greatly reducing potentials for human error, contamination and wastage.

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Imagine an end-to-end solution for Pharmacogenomic testing, inclusive of machines, pre-plated reagents, updated data and our proprietary reporting service. We take pride in ensuring that each customer is supported with an all-encompassing PGX solution so they can focus on their day-to-day operations. Our pre-plated PGX reagents are also stored at room temperature, which reduces shipment costs, freezer issues and extends shelf-life. MontfortPGX is a unique, innovative, and convenient testing solution for all labs.

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