Automated Nucleic Acid Isolation w/ the NanoFish from Montfort Labs

In today’s fast-paced molecular clinical lab, the efficiency and quality of DNA/RNA purification are critical. Traditional methods of isolating DNA, RNA, and other target molecules are increasingly being overshadowed by magnetic bead-based purification. Now, Montfort Laboratories proudly introduces the NanoFish. This compact, automated system promises to transform the way you approach molecular isolation.


Experience the future of molecular lab work with NanoFish from Montfort Laboratories! Automate your nucleic acid isolation, boost efficiency, and guarantee high purity and yield.

The Efficiency Game-Changer

The NanoFish delivers outstanding performance and can handle up to 15 patients (16 samples total with negative control) at once, ranging in volume from 50µl to 1000µl. Unlike manual methods that require intensive labor and are prone to errors, the NanoFish automates mixing, magnetic bead transfer, washing, and elution steps. With more than 95% magnetic bead recovery and a quick processing time of 10 to 60 minutes, it not only saves you valuable hands-on time but also guarantees higher yields and purity.

Unparalleled Temperature Control

One unique feature of the NanoFish is its precise temperature control. The system’s lysis and elution temperature ranges from ambient +5°C to 120°C, allowing for optimized conditions for various types of samples. This fine-tuning results in significantly improved extraction quality and yield.

User-Friendly Interface and Protocol Optimization

Setting up and operating the NanoFish is seamless, thanks to its Bluetooth-enabled Android App and PC software. With the ability to store up to 100 internal protocols, the NanoFish adapts to your specific workflow needs. QR code scanning enables instant protocol loading, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience.

Communication and Software Updates

The NanoFish features multiple communication ports including USB for mouse and flash drive storage/transfer. Moreover, free, lifetime App updates provide users with access to newly introduced features, enhancing the instrument’s long-term utility.

Contamination Control

In the world of molecular biology, contamination is a serious concern. The NanoFish has you covered with an integrated UV lamp that operates at 253.7nm UVC wavelength, effective in eradicating most bacterial, viral, and stray genomic DNA contaminants. This serves as an additional layer of protection, reducing the risk of downstream amplification of undesired targets.

Consumables and Environmental Responsibility

Montfort Laboratories offers specialized consumables designed for the NanoFish. When processing fewer samples, 6-well sample strips can be used instead of deep-well plates, reducing waste and lowering consumable costs. These strips are loaded onto the included aluminum rack, making it environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.

Warranty and Support

Backed by a two-year warranty, the NanoFish is built for durability and long-term service. Montfort Laboratories’ dedicated support team is always ready to assist with protocol optimization and other technical inquiries.

In summary, the NanoFish is not just another piece of lab equipment; it’s an investment in accelerating scientific discoveries. By combining high-efficiency, ease of use, and exceptional contamination control, it sets a new standard for molecular purification systems. Upgrade to the NanoFish and experience the future of lab work today.