Leading the Paradigm Shift in Wound Care: Montfort Labs’ PCR Tech


Here at Montfort Laboratories, we’ve been keen observers of the transformative advancements in the field of wound care, and we are proud to be at the forefront of these innovations with our state-of-the-art PCR technology. We understand the critical need for rapid, accurate, and comprehensive diagnostic methods, and our PCR panel for wound infections are specially designed to meet these challenges.


Explore how Montfort Labs’ Pre-Plated WOUND PCR panels are reshaping and advancing patient care.

The Limitations of Traditional Methods

Until recently, clinicians have been relying on culture-based methods to diagnose wound infections. These traditional techniques are cumbersome, slow, and most crucially, limited in scope. Astonishingly, less than 2% of all known bacterial species can be effectively cultured in a laboratory setting, and even then, only a fraction will grow within the 24-hour window usually given for cultures. Such limitations lead to a substantial level of uncertainty, directly affecting the quality of patient care. Additionally, traditional methods often fail to accurately identify yeast infections and can even produce biased results by favoring bacteria that grow well under lab conditions.

PCR: The Future of Wound Diagnostics is Here

Our PCR technology sidesteps these limitations, providing a more nuanced and accurate diagnostic approach. PCR, or Polymerase Chain Reaction, is a molecular technique that amplifies specific DNA sequences, making it possible to generate billions of copies from even the smallest sample. The result is a test that is both incredibly sensitive and rapid.

More significantly, our PCR panels can identify a wide range of pathogens, including traditionally challenging-to-detect organisms like anaerobic bacteria and yeast infections. Unlike culture-based methods, PCR gives clinicians the ability to make informed decisions quickly, often in just a few hours, radically shortening the time between diagnosis and effective treatment.

The Exciting Road Ahead

The rapid evolution of PCR technology is comparable to the rise of the semiconductor industry in the 1980s. Looking ahead, we envision that within the next five years, clinicians will have the ability to conduct these advanced molecular diagnostic tests right in their offices, providing customized treatment plans within an hour of a patient’s visit.

In Conclusion

The adoption of Montfort Laboratories’ PCR panels and molecular diagnostic technologies marks not just a trend but a monumental shift in the standard of wound care. Our cutting-edge solutions provide healthcare professionals with the tools they need for a more nuanced, accurate, and timely diagnosis. We are committed to continually advancing this technology, aiming to redefine what’s possible in wound care and to deliver better, faster, and more targeted treatments for patients. Choose Montfort Laboratories, and be part of the revolution in wound care diagnostics.


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