Thoughtful solutions for people and planet.

The Challenge

Our planet’s seas and waterways are suffering from a surge in plastic waste — threatening marine life and devastating delicate underwater ecosystems. Through improper disposal, rain and wind carries plastic waste into streams, rivers, and drains leading to our oceans. The U.S. medical industry alone produces upwards of SEVEN MILLION POUNDS of plastic waste annually.

Montfort’s Approach

We are dedicated to reducing our use of plastics and packaging, delivering products with significantly less waste while also donating to organizations that clean up our oceans and rivers. We believe that together we can provide better care for patients while taking better care our our planet.

30% less plastic in our packaging
3% donated to ocean cleanup from each sale

Our Impact

Through our unwavering commitment to waste reduction and supporting the incredible efforts of our ocean cleanup partners, we’re able to make a difference. Less plastic means cleaner seas, natural habitat restoration, thriving marine species, and ultimately, a healthier planet for all.