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Automated Extraction & Purification Systems

At Montfort Labs, we pride ourselves in pioneering extraction solutions specifically designed for the evolving needs of molecular labs. Our products have been developed to deliver a substantial reduction in preparation time by 25%, enhancing operational efficiency that goes beyond the bench.

Designed to support more automated lab functions, even for those handling lower volumes, our solutions markedly decrease the likelihood of manual errors and consistently deliver high-quality results.

The advancements we’ve made in extraction technology reflect our dedication to excellence. By curtailing human error, we facilitate increased efficiency for laboratories, allowing them to redirect their focus and resources towards expanding their research and services. Every laboratory, no matter its scale, deserves the best tools for delivering top-tier service.

With Montfort Labs’ extraction products, laboratories are well-equipped to navigate the challenges of today and pioneer new frontiers in molecular research and diagnostics.

Extraction Innovations
Extraction Innovations
NanoFish Extraction System™

Ultra-compact, affordable and powerful Magnetic Bead Based Extraction System

Extraction Innovations

Infectious disease extraction reagents

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