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Organism Controls

Discover our expanding array of verified microorganisms tailored for microbiome studies, quality assurance processes, infectious disease investigations, and more. Montfort Labs proudly presents a wide variety of completely inactivated and quantified whole organism controls, perfectly suited for use in Biosafety Level 1 (BSL-1) laboratories. Our controls are designed to ensure utmost safety and effectiveness in environments without BSL-2 or BSL-3 precautions. These controls are versatile, supporting various lab applications from accurate quality control (QC) in testing procedures to providing realistic scenarios for educational and training purposes, as well as being indispensable for compliant test validations. With Montfort Labs, you gain access to a diverse and reliable collection of whole organism controls that enhance and ensure consistency in your routine lab operations. We are dedicated to continuously broadening our offerings with fully characterized and authenticated bacteria and fungi, providing you with the clinically and environmentally pertinent strains that are essential for your laboratory needs.

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